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Electronics Cooling 2022 Annual Guide Now Available!

New Issue of Electronics Cooling Now Available!

The Electronics Cooling 2022 Annual Guide is your guide to thermal management news, best practices, and emerging technologies.

Our first release of the year is jam-packed with articles on the most pressing thermal management topics as well as information on thermal events and top industry suppliers.

Specifically, you’ll find these articles and more:

  • Electric Motor Thermal Management for Green Transportation
  • Thermal Management of Integrated Traction Drives in Electric Vehicles
  • Breaking Grounds with Generative Design for Two-Phase Cooling of Electronic Devices
  • Machine Learning Optimization to Boost the Effectiveness of Phase Change Material (PCM)-Based On-Chip Passive Thermal Management
  • Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Correlations for Manifold Microchannel Heat Sinks
  • Thermal Comfort Considerations for Electronics Cooling and Design
  • Statistics Corner: Weibull Distribution 

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